Clean Secure Tune

Our eight step approach.

If you have found your computer running slower than what it used you, it's time for a cleaning. Our computers often leave a lot of junk laying around and it is up to us to clean it up.

If you have concerns that you have recently became infected this is often a sure way of eliminating any infections. Viruses and malware, however, come in so many shapes and sizes there may be additional services needed to protect your computer.


Starting with a physical clean, we will blow out all the fans and inspect the computer for any airway blockages that could cause overheating. Once turned on we will make a gameplan to ensure your needs are met.

Junk Removal

Your computer processes a very large amount of data and over time some of that data gets left behind. This data can be cleared out leaving more room for your selfies & memes.


Sometimes less is more. What do you use? We will tailor your computer so that the only resources running are the resources you use. This will often have a major impact on performance.


As long as you're connected to the internet you are vulnerable, and with so many scams going around it is easy to get infected. We run four different scans to be thorough and eliminate any infections.


The moving parts inside a hard drive break down over time and we like to be proactive to failures. Any issues found with your hard drive will be repaired.


Based on your needs we will optimize your device for peak performance.

Update & Patch

It is important to do updates regularly to keep everything in working order and patch any security holes that could leave your personal information vulnerable.


Finally it's time to make sure our work is complete. We will sit down with you to ensure everything is in working order and we have taken care of all your issues.

Not quite sure yet?

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