Voice Over IP

Busines Class Phone Systems

Every business needs a way to communicate with its employees and customers and vice versa. With the advancement in the field of telecommunications we now have the choice to using a (Voice Over IP (VOIP) phone system that comes with far greater number of features than a Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS). Many would think that features such as call waiting, softphones, web meetings, and more are only available to those busineses that can afford expensive phone systems. But that is no longer the case. Helptek can setup a feature-rich system with no hassle and without breaking the bank while also being able to scale the system along side your business.

Installation & Configuration is straightforward

  • Preconfigured templates for easy integration with leading SIP trunk providers
  • Plug & Play interoperability fo IP phones for automatic configuration
  • Easily migrate at any time with built-in backup and restore


A simple and easy to user management consolde

  • Create, edit, and delete extensions as needed
  • Manage IP phone firmware
  • Reprovision & reboot IP phones remotely
  • Easily integrate with your CRM & Microsoft 365



Flexible Deployment: The Choice is Yours

The deploment of your system is straightfoward, and most importantly, flexible. You choose where to run your phone system and keep complete control of your data whether it is on-premise, on a managed hosting, or in your own private cloud account.


  • Deploy on an existing windows or linux machine
  • Deploy on a Mini PC applicance or Raspberry Pi
  • Virtualize on Hyper-V, VMware, KVM


Managed Hosting

  • Managed and monitored for zero hassle
  • Version upgrade and security patches done automatically.
  • Includes 24/7 monitoring and daily backups


Private Cloud

  • Easily deploy your system in minutes
  • Select from a range of mainstream cloud providers such as Google, Azure, AWS, and more!


Security & Backup

When it comes to VoIP security, 3CX sets the standard. Built-In security features have been exclusively developed to protect your PBX system from attacks.

  • Automatic detection & blacklisting of SIP attack tools
  • Global IP blacklist automatically updated
  • Traffic is fully encrypted
  • Limit access to management console based on IP
  • Voice traffic is encrypted via SRTP
  • Automatic generating and management of SSL certificates
  • Revolutionary VoIP security with A+ rating from SSL lab

Apps & Features

3CX enables you to take your extension with you wherever you go. With apps for Android, iOS, web and Windows, you are guaranteed to be kept in the loop, always and everywhere. What’s more, customers can instantly reach you directrly from your website or Facebook page with the 3CX Live chat and Messenger integration.

Apps on your Android & iOS Devices

  • Use your extension from anywhere
  • Save battery life with PUSH notifications
  • Connect all apps simultaneously via SIP Forking
  • Benefit from integrated features such as status, web conferencing, instant messaging.

Easy to Use Windows App

  • Work remotely from anywhere
  • Initiate calls from your desktop
  • Easily view the status of your colleagues
  • Launch calls directly from your CRM; integrate with MS Exchange, or Microsoft Outlook
  • Schedule web conferences and launch ad-hoc meetings

Live Chat & Facebook Messenger Integration

  • Allow customers to chat, call, or meet with you directly from your website
  • Incoming messages are easily managed from agents web clients
  • Integrate your Facebook business page so all incoming messages are directed to the web client

Slash Costs

Your ongoing telco cost savings will be reduced significantly and so will the cost of buying, expanding, and maintaining your PBX.

  • Decrease the cost fo your phone bill by up to 80%
  • Licensing based on the number of simultaneous calls and not extensions
  • Make free inter-office calls and branch calls
  • Free calls to remote workers with web client and iOS/Android apps
  • Reduce travel expenses with integrated web conferencing
  • Use international DIDs & IP Telephony so customers can call in at a competitive rate

Ready to upgrade to the phone system you have been needing?